Emily May Consulting specializes in instructional design services to help you transform your vision and achieve your goals. Providing expertise in digital learning for adults, Emily is here to help you plan, design, and develop engaging learning experiences in the most practical way.

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Learning Strategy

Just like a great marketing strategy, your learning outputs need to speak the language of your end-users. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time for everyone. We’ll work together to identify the best method for delivering your content so that your learners are given exactly what they need and want.

Learning Design and Development

Drawing upon adult learning theories and up-to-date instructional design principles, we’ll work together to transform your ideas or update existing training into practical, measurable courses and learning events online, in person, or a combination of the two.

Learning Content Management System Implementation (LCMS) and Management 

Your learning content should be consistent, searchable, and accessible anytime and from anywhere. I’ll help you choose, implement, and manage the right LCMS that fits your budget and overall goals. 

Process and procedures • Job aids and training documents • Online learning communities • Project management

Have another idea for how we can work together? Let’s talk! 

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“Emily’s role on our team was largely as a designer-consultant, partnering with subject matter experts in the analysis, planning, and design of online coursework. She is an insightful, team-player who openly practices user-centered design, understands the platforms, understands the people, and quite simply – delivers.”

Brad Hinson, Assistant Dean of Information & Academic Technology, CU-Denver, School of Education & Human Development

“After the acquisition of 17 Peaks Resorts, we (Vail Resorts) were faced with the onboarding challenge of training 200+ employees on our point of sales (POS) system, Guest Connect, without being physically on-site. This required a redesign of our current Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) from word documents to self-paced, on-demand digital training. After completing the training, employees would be able to operate our POS system proficiently to perform transactions and manage customer information.

Emily analyzed over 30 SOPs and interviewed staff to understand the business goal, user behaviors, and technology requirements to identify and bridge gaps. Under accelerated timelines and constant updates and changes, Emily worked with myself and the talent and development team to design, develop, and launch our digital training modules on-time. With many unforeseen challenges, Emily saw the project through with a calm demeanor and focus on staying on task.”

Johanna Barrows, Director, Product Sales and Service, Vail Resorts (Guest Connect SME)

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