Award Winning Social Media Campaign

This project called for a unique combination of organization and creative direction to support a client’s social media campaign at the 2018 World Economic Forum.

The caveat? Time. We had about a month to put together the creative assets to support the event campaign.

Being the organized creative that I am, I rose to the challenge and went to work. First, I met with the lead social strategists and then developed a communication plan and a process for requests and reviews. The collaboration tools Zoom, Google Doc and Asana, allowed the team to update and manage messaging and creative direction in real time. In the end, 100+ social graphics and animated GIFs were created and used to support messaging for multiple global campaigns.

All pieces ran on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook before, during, and after the event. And as a result of this truly collaborative effort, the client was recognized as the winner of best event promotion with PR Daily’s Digital PR & Social Media Award.


Skills used to complete this project:

  • Creative direction
  • Strategic planning and process
  • Project management
  • Virtual Cross-team collaboration and communication   

Planning documents and sample creative available upon request: