Colorado Department of Education Online Training: Early Language and Literacies

This project required a full redesign of existing online training for the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) Early Language and Literacies series to include new interactivity, video, animation, and student assessments within 14 eLearning course modules.

The goal of this project was to transform the training modules from hour-long YouTube videos to smaller, more engaging lessons within CDE’s Learning Management System (LMS). I focused primarily on the analysis and design phase of the process. Using the video annotation tool, Video Ant, I reviewed existing training material and documented course design recommendations. Then, I developed storyboards in a Google doc to indicate where the Articulate Storyline activities, b-roll and animation recommendations would live within the course. This enabled the CDE project leads to review and collaborate in real-time.

This massive overhaul was truly a collaborative effort, and the TA Tech team finally completed the course redesign fall, 2017.

Watch the video that our fearless leader, Brad Hinson, Assistant Dean of Information & Academic Technology at CU Denver, put together to understand the full project scope:

Skills used to complete this project:

  • Instructional design method, ADDIE
  • Digital pedagogy
  • Course review and consultation
  • Project management
  • Video Annotation (click to view sample)
  • Storyboarding (click to view sample)