Corrective Exercises for Core Stability 101

This video project was part of my coursework in my Information and Learning Technology master’s program at the University of Colorado Denver.

It required collaboration and creation of a 3-5 minute instructional video aimed to educate people on the importance of core stability and where to go to learn more.

To complete this project I first identified project goals and developed a script and storyboard. Then, I gathered b-roll footage before providing direction and coordination between the videographer and talent during the shoot. Finally, I edited all of the footage –adding (purchased) music and titles– to convey my message.

To accompany my video, I wrote seven design decisions based on my audience’s learning styles and needs so that my message sticks and achieves the desired learning outcomes.

Skills used to complete this process:

  • Research and analysis
  • Project management
  • Video production process – planning, scripting and storyboarding, recording, and editing
  • Creative direction
  • Writing
  • Peer feedback and leading teams through change and discovery

Click here to read my final design document and learn more about this project.