Instagram Channel Strategy

This project involved a full Instagram makeover for a global, B2B enterprise client. The channel was being used as an extension of Twitter and needed some TLC. With this in mind, I developed a plan to achieve more consistency, visibility and engagement on the channel. 

To achieve this, I spent some time in discovery –researching the brand and  competitors to understand how this strategy would achieve and succeed our goals. Meeting with the client team helped me understand background and bandwidth and what could be feasible from an execution standpoint before diving in.

The final strategy deck served as an “Instagram playbook” for the client team to reference and execute. Everything from color palette to content matrix to team roles was covered. We met weekly via Zoom to address ideas, status updates and roadblocks. The collaborative nature of Google Sheets allowed everyone to easy contribute to and share the content calendar for posting.

Together, we were able to close some communication gaps and improve collaboration between business units to bring the Instagram channel to back to life.

The result? Improved teamwork and camaraderie, which led to increases in audience size by 59% and overall engagement by 1020% in just over 6 months.


Skills used to compete this project:

  • Social media strategy
  • Project management
  • Leadership
  • Video conferencing and virtual collaboration 
  • Proactive questioning

Strategy deck available upon request: