“Emily’s role on our team was largely as a designer-consultant, partnering with subject matter experts in the analysis, planning, and design of online coursework. She is an insightful, team-player who openly practices user-centered design, understands the platforms, understands the people, and quite simply – delivers.”

Brad Hinson, Assistant Dean of Information & Academic Technology, CU-Denver, School of Education & Human Development

“Emily was named the Chair of volunteer recruitment and management on the After Dark committee. The chair is responsible for facilitating all-volunteer recruitment, organizing and implementing a day of volunteer training, communicating with all volunteers before, during and after the event, and providing stewardship to continue to impact and encourage volunteers to stay involved with the Foundation. Emily exceeded all expectations as chair and mentoring others on the committee in the process. She was always there to answer questions, encourage others through challenges they may be facing, and offer advice that allowed each committee member to grow into their role. She is kind, hardworking, determined and an out of the box thinker, committed to serving those around her.”

Paige Brophy, Executive Director, Outdoor Lab Foundation

“My organization (Consumer Energy Education Foundation) decided to outsource some of our internal (social media) work. We approached Emily to have her help set-up a foundation (on Facebook and blog) for (Energy Day), a children’s STEM event we hold in Denver. Emily worked to understand and establish our voice. She asked questions and integrated well into our team. I was extremely pleased with her work ethic, work product, and overall proactive work style. While our event is over, I would reach out to her without a doubt in the future for any of my projects.”

Emily Haggstrom, VP, Communications and Creative Development at HBW Resources

“Emily May is consistent, creative, and collaborative beyond measure. She practices up-to-date instructional design principles that lead to engaging and appropriate materials to support adult learners and corporate educational goals. I appreciated and continue to appreciate Emily’s professionalism and willingness to devise and develop solutions for today’s learners.”

Larry S. Larson, Director of Training at REEDS Jewelers

“After the acquisition of 17 Peaks Resorts, we (Vail Resorts) were faced with the onboarding challenge of training 200+ employees on our point of sales (POS) system, Guest Connect, without being physically on-site. This required a redesign of our current Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) from word documents to self-paced, on-demand digital training. After completing the training, employees would be able to operate our POS system proficiently to perform transactions and manage customer information.

Emily analyzed over 30 SOPs and interviewed staff to understand the business goal, user behaviors, and technology requirements to identify and bridge gaps. Under accelerated timelines and constant updates and changes, Emily worked with myself and the talent and development team to design, develop, and launch our digital training modules on-time. With many unforeseen challenges, Emily saw the project through with a calm demeanor and focus on staying on task.”

Johanna Barrows, Director, Product Sales and Service, Vail Resorts (Guest Connect SME)