Website Redesign and Branding

This project required a full redesign and refresh of a brand identity for a global, social media marketing agency serving B2B and Enterprise clients. While the previous website and branding served a purpose, the brand needed a fresh new look and a defined set of standards to accompany the rapid growth of the business.

And, I was up for the challenge!

To accomplish the updates, I first engaged in some preliminary research on my own to better understand how the old site was functioning and serving it’s users. It was through this research that I discovered this project was going to involve more than a WordPress theme swap! The entire brand needed some attention and fine tuning.  

So I pulled together the team and we began to build.

Everyone played a part in laying the foundation—taking inventory on the brand’s past, present and future state. Everything from content to keywords to competitive analysis was covered. This allowed us to understand our position in the market and the steps we’d need to take next.

Together, we achieved new branding complete with updates to the logo and color palette as well as the establishment of the company’s first ever brand guide. This exercise enabled the team to redefine the company’s purpose statement, values, and more targeted service offerings.

The website refresh was finally ready to happen.

To launch the new site, I worked closely with the leadership team and our developer to write content, provide creative direction, and ensure SEO optimization throughout the site. The new site is fully responsive and provides optimal viewing across multiple platforms.

Skills used to complete this project:

  • Strategy and planning
  • Project management
  • Research and analysis
  • Leadership
  • Creative direction
  • Writing
  • Virtual collaboration 
  • Proactive questioning

Planning documents and brand guide samples are available upon request: